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Should I increase my deductible to save money on my car insurance?¿Debo aumentar mi franquicia para ahorrar dinero en el seguro de mi auto?

Everyone hates paying too much for car or auto insurance and there are certainly ways for you to save each month, but one of the most common ways to cut your rates are to change your comprehensive and collision deductible. So what does this mean? The higher your deductible, the more you will save and […]

How to insure an antique or classic car in FloridaCómo asegurar un auto clásico o antiguo en Florida

So you found the car you used to drive as a kid and decided to make the purchase. Does this car qualify as an antique or classic car in Florida? How do you go about getting antique or classic car coverage in Florida? All are good questions and this article will help you answer all […]

Parents guide to saving money on teen driversGuía para padres sobre cómo ahorrar dinero con conductores adolescentes

Every parent dreads the day that they have to add their teen driver to the family insurance policy. We have all heard the horror stories of young drivers adding hundreds, even thousands of dollars onto their annual premium, BUT there are ways to minimize the hurt! Which car is the teen going to drive? If […]

How do I know what type of Claim to file?¿Cómo sé qué tipo de reclamo presentar?

Unfortunately, most people will be in some sort of auto accident in their lifetime and have to figure out how to file a claim. Although each company is different, there are ways to make your experience a positive one and leave you with the right outcome. The type of claim that you file will be […]

Tips to help you save money on your auto insurance in FloridaConsejos para ayudarle a ahorrar dinero en su seguro de auto en Florida

The key to saving money on Florida auto insurance is very similar to other states. If you are a consumer who does adequate research and understands that each insurance company is different, you will make sure to get the best rate. So what sorts of things can you do to keep your insurance low? Review […]

What are the DUI laws in Florida?¿Cuáles son las leyes DUI en Florida?

A DUI in the state of Florida is no joke and the laws should be taken very seriously. The laws in the sunshine state are very tough but are there to keep all of the citizens safe. Many insurance companys offer to pay for a cab if you are under the influence and cannot drive […]

Choosing to go direct or through a Florida auto insurance agentElegir el modo directo o a través de un agente de seguros de Florida

What does it mean when someone says they purchased insurance direct? This means that they called the national company direct and did not use a local agent. A lot of insurance companies have agents in your local communities but also have national sales centers to field calls and help you purchase insurance. The choice to […]

Florida Auto Insurance BasicsLo Esencial del Seguro del Automóvil en Florida

In Florida, you must carry at least $10,000 Personal Injury Protection (PIP) and $10,000 Property Damage Liability .Florida law requires you to carry this minimum coverage as long as you have a valid Florida license plate. This coverage is necessary until the vehicle is licensed in another state or if the vehicle is taken off […]